Saturday, February 20, 2010


jadi inget jaman koas dulu,, selagi libur jalan-jalan ke dieng,, sayangnya ga bawa kamera khusus, ini adalah view selama perjalanan kesana yang kuambil dari pic di google =) n kamera ponselku =) perjalanan yg berliku-like naik turun, so refresh, the air so puree... u'll see farmer park their potatoes field, chaisim, cabbage, u can stop by ur car n great them, they r so friendly, u can buy freshly vegetable n help them harvest tooooooo ^^

1st destination is kawah sikidang,,,, wew,,,, im surprised that this kawah exactly is volcanoes that still active, u can smell sulfur everywher, the smell so strong, i keep my nose wit my scarf haha lil bit scared when i look into inside the kawah,, its boiling wew i heard the temperature inside the mud reach 100 degree celcius n maybe more >.<" yeah when i work on hospital there, i found patient wit 90% combustio, yea he drop himself to kawah, n he didnt stay last longer more 1 day >.<'' this kawah can explode too juz like other volcanoes, so u hev to be careful ther n pray haha the gas can come out from the trapped land,, u hev to b careful walk trough ther >.< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
come visit theatre too, u'll see short movie bout dieng plateau, the history and tourism location ther =)
this is the theatre ther... the air so fresh,, really cold haha maybe 15 celcius degree there when i went ther =) mayb about an hour less the movies we watched haha

hey, u can see temple toooo there, like borobudur, prambanan but the air fresher there haha,,, i think i fell in love wit this place, this place so amazee me..... hahaha

great candi rite????/ ^^
u can find many dandelion flower,,,,, u can blow it.... aaaaa its really romantic place ^^...... love this place =)

i dun really remember what the name each candi,, the name take from name of wayang caracter like gatutkaca, n the kawah on the history is the kawah wher little gatutkaca dropped ther, but lil gatutkaca still alive,,, weeeeeww i dun know its real r not,,, juz story hahaha

this is great candi with mountain view behind it,, the creature is so amazee

this is my last destination, telaga warna, it has different color, n it can change, what make color different is sulfur inside,, if im not false it has volcanoes inside hemmmmm how can it be rite?????? its really wonderfulllll,,,, indonesian tourism is really great ritee??????? ^^v

watch the different color,, in far away i look the blue water,, its getting green closer to me =) wit the cold weather, fresh air. ITS JUZ TOOOOO PERFECTTTT =)

much smile there =)

above is grassland like savana..... how greatt near the lake telaga warna =) on my way home, little tired n hungry,, haha luckily i bring chicken sandwich,, hahaha on gardu pandang we can hev a rest wit the great view of wonosobo city =)
PERFECT CATCH rite?????? ^^v
now im ready back to my daily as doctor haha fresher =)

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